Repertoire (Auszug)

bumble bee [the real group]
die gedanken sind frei [maybebop]
home [ida sand – arr. eike leipprand]
that lonesome road [james taylor – the king’s singers]
gøta [the real group]
viva la vida [coldplay – vocal line]
chili con carne [the real group]
ticket to ride [the beatles – swingle singers]
butterfly [rajaton]
mad world [tears for fears – wise guys]
walking down the street [the real group]
good bait [count basie – the real group]
pass me the jazz [the real group]
home [michael bublé – the king’s singers]
air [johann sebastian bach – maybebop]
blackbird [john lennon & paul mccartney – the king’s singers]
nostalgia world [the real group] 
ein engel [wise guys]
good vibrations [the king’s singers]
ich seh dich [maybebop]
i’m all over it now [jamie cullum & ricky ross – arr. jan-hendrik herrmann]
lullabye [billy joel – the king’s singers]
run to you [pentatonix]
vanishing act [rajaton]
wenn ich ein vöglein wär [onair]